Here are some of the services we provide

  • Routine Home CleaningHave a Clean Scientist make your home safely sparkle on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. We provide an environmentally friendly, family friendly hygieniccleaning service, no dangerous chemicals, only safe and sustainable cleaning techniques. Please contact us to discuss how we do this and how we can fit into your needs.
  • End-of-Lease CleaningWe have successfully facilitated the full return of bond for 100% of our End-of-Lease clients!! Our work comes backed with a full bond return guarantee. You’ve just moved into your new home, who can be bothered cleaning the old place?!? Relax knowing that if the agent or landlord gives you a hard time, we’ll come back and fix it, bond back guaranteed!! Though we can’t get your full bond back if you’ve smashed the windows and bashed holes in the walls, don’t be silly. Free quoting, obligation free, hassle free. Contact us now.
  • Once Off “Impact Clean”Have a Science of Clean Specialist give you home a once off deep clean. Weather it’s in preparation for visitors, cleaning up after a big night or you simply want a spring clean, get rid of the dust, dirt, grease and grime that regular cleaning misses. Techniques are based on scientific research, designed to be safe for you and your family our cleaners and the environment. Call us today to book a time.

  • Move Out CleaningIt’s time for a new chapter of your life! Don’t spoil the moment with tedious vacate cleaning, call in some backup with The Science of Clean. We’ll take care of all your move out cleaning chores, while you sit back and relax. We understand that moving is a stressful time, which is why we come prepared to tackle everything from window cleaning to pressure cleaning. Contact us for a comprehensive, obligation free quote.
  • Commercial CleaningIs your business environmentally concious? Would you like to remove the risk of exposing your employees, customers, clients and contractors to potentially hazardous cleaning chemicals? As we enter the brave new business world of minimised environmental impact and OH&S overload, can your business afford not to consider what your cleaning company might be exposing you to? Working with The Science of Clean helps ensure a safe and sustainable future for your business and its environment.
  • Hygienic Carpet Steam CleaningCan’t seem to get those stains out? There’s no need to stress, our carpet cleaning experts are here to help! Did you know that dust, dirt, grime and mites can hide in the fibres of your carpet? That’s why we offer comprehensive carpet cleaning services that will make your home a healthy, safe place for you and your family. End-of-Lease carpet cleaning also available!!